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14 Car Date Ideas - That are Actually Fun!

Are you sick and tired of the same old date night routine? Maybe it's been awhile since you have done a proper date night with your partner and your looking for something out of the box, FUN and different! We have gathered the 14 BEST Car Date Night (or day) ideas you can do with little to no money or planning ... almost!

1. Create A Music Playlist

Choose songs that remind you of each other and your relationship. Create a Spotify list or go old school and burn a CD or mix tape. Press play and go for a romantic drive.

2. Stargaze Together

Find a secluded spot and admire the stars. You could even download a constellation/star finder on your phone to learn more about night sky.

3. DIY Movie Date or Drive-in

Set up an I-pad or Laptop and watch a movie with popcorn and your favorite movie candy or visit your local Drive-in theater. Don't forget the pillows!

4. Drive-Thru Food Crawl

Visit a different drive-thru for each course: appetizer, main dish and dessert! You could also just skip the entree and do an all-desserts themed crawl.

5. Car Wash n' Chill

Is your car dirty and in need of a wash? In cooler temperatures, take your date through the car wash and enjoy the ride! In the warmer months, drive to a self-service car wash and scrub down your car together. Looking for a cheaper option? Get your sponges, soap and hose out and wash your car in the driveway with your date!

6. Watch the Sunset

Pack a romantic picnic with champagne and a blanket and kick back and relax. Set up your picnic on the ground or simply pop the hatch and set watch the sunset from your car. It's the simple things in life that matter.

7. Connection Car Ride

Life is so crazy, now more than ever. Take the time to really connect with your partner. Here are the rules: 1.) Kiss at every stop light 2.) Hug at every stop sign 3.) No Music allowed on this one, this is the time to be present! 4.) Write down or print out "couple" themed questions and take turns answering them. Do you think you can do it?

8. House Hunting or Spring Project Planning

Grab a coffee and and take drive through different neighborhoods if your thinking about buying a home to see what's out there! Brainstorm what you would want your dream home to look and feel like or you can make a list of spring house projects you want to get done (new deck, shed, stone walkway, landscaping).

9. Road Trip Dinner

Pick a new restaurant you haven't been too that is out of town. Half the fun is getting there!

10. Recreate Your First Date

Visit your old stomping grounds from when you had your first date with one another. Tip! Try recreating the same outfit you both wore for a trip down memory lane.

11. Love Notes

Spend some time together spreading some love, cheer and kindness with words of encouragement, advice, jokes and leave them on car windshields. Get creative! Feeling extra - attach a coffee gift card! *Use your best judgement*

12. Car Games - When you can't get a sitter!

This is a great option if you can't find sitter for the kiddos and they need to tag along! Have fun by playing Car Bingo, I-Spy, answering Trivia Questions. You can have your kids bring some books along to read or listen/stream an audible book while driving through town. Photo Credit: Moritz Fine Designs - get your free download here:

13. Sweet Treat Drop-Off

Another great family night option or you can do with just your date. Bake some cookies as a family or with your partner, package them up nicely and drop off on the doorstep of friends, family and neighbors for a sweet surprise!

14. Penny Adventure Game

WHAT YOU NEED: Your Date, 1 penny and an open mind

HOW TO PLAY: Tell your date to pick a number between 1-20. Whatever number they choose is how many turns you are going to make in the car. Flip the penny. Heads = right hand turn, Tails = Left hand turn. Every time you have to stop at the intersection, flip the penny. The last flip is where you will have your date!

There you have it! 14 Car Dates - Walker's Garage approved that are fun, adorable and most of all memorable! Let us know if you have tried any of these in the comments below!

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