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Is Your Car Ready For Fall?

Ahhh, fall .. our favorite time of year! Leaf peeping road trips, football games under the lights, trips to the apple orchard, sweatshirt weather and pumpkin everything are all signs of fall. Before you order your next pumpkin spice latte, here are some fall season-specific car maintenance items you don't want to skip out on!

Heating Systems

As the fall weather approaches, so are the cooler temperatures. You will want to make sure the heater and defroster in your car is working correctly. If you notice that it's not blowing warm air, making weird noises, or won't turn on at all, it's best to get this taken care of before the temperatures drastically drop.


Days are getting shorter in the fall which means it's getting darker sooner! Take a minute to check your headlights and fog lights. Grab a friend and have them confirm that your brake lights, blinkers and reverse lights are working as they should. If any of these lights are out, you can check your the owners guide and determine if you can handle doing the bulb replacement yourself or call your trusted technician at Walker's Garage to take care of this for you!

Wiper Blades

Seeing is believing and if you are having trouble seeing through the windshield when it rains then your windshield wipers may be the culprit. Take a few minutes to check that your blades are not cracked or broken. A good working set of blades will be streak and squeak-free, clean of dirt and debris and will maintain a good grip on the windshield when in use.


Brakes are very important year round and the fall season is no exception. Be sure your brakes are in the very best condition by taking note of any strange sounds such as grinding, squealing and hissing. School is back in session so you want to be able to slow down and stop in a safe manner for school busses and children using crosswalks. If your brakes feel spongy or are sticking when pressing on the brakes, call Walker's Garage in Brewer to get your brakes serviced!

Batteries, Starters and Alternators

There is nothing worse than going out to your car in the morning and have it not start and now your late for work! Temperatures drastically change in the fall and winter months resulting in your battery, starter and alternator working overtime. Keeping the battery terminals clean of corrosion will help your charging system operate at peak efficiency. If you car is having difficulty starting or not turning over call Walker's Garage so we can get you back on the road quickly!


Depending where you are located, you may see a lot of rain and sometimes even snow in the fall months, YIKES! Tires are critical in your ability to brake, handle the frost heaves, increase gas mileage and maintain overall road performance. Have your tires thoroughly inspected by Walker's Garage to evaluate your tire tread and wear patterns to determine if you need replacement.


The performance of your vehicle depends on proper lubrication of your engine. Check your mileage and oil change sticker on your windshield to see if your due for an oil change. Other important fluids to check are: antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid and transmission fluid.

There you have it! Follow these essential Fall Maintenance checks for your car and you will be good to go! If you are in need of any of these services, call Walker's Garage at 207-949-8080 to schedule your next appointment!

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